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             "We, the members of the Beta Nu Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., in order to promote the objectives established by the General Organization, develop a wholesome influence within the community, foster and stimulate high ideals among our brothers, do hereby enact and establish this Constitution for the governance of its members."


Chartered on February 25, 1939 in Charlotte, N.C., the Beta Nu Lambda Chapter of The Alpha Phi Alpha
Fraternity, Inc. has served as a major force in the community since its inception. Throughout 1938,
seventeen Alpha men in and around Charlotte (then called the Friendly City) formulated plans for the
establishment of a Graduate (now Alumni) Chapter in the city.

Gratitude was given to Brother Clinton L. Blake, who worked earnestly in handling details for the then
proposed chapter, also for making it possible for us to use his house and facilities of West Charlotte High
for our meetings.

After the General Organization granted the petition to form the chapter, immediate made plans for Brother
James O. Ellis, then Regional Supervisor, to come over and set up the chapter. On that memorable
February night, Brother Ellis took charge of the business meeting.
While the chapter was being set up our guests had tables of bridge.

Following this the Brothers joined the ladies in the dining room where a delicious seven course dinner
was served. After which the Alpha Hymn was sung.

Beta Nu Lambda planned then and continues to be a rather active part in the social, civic and political life
of the city.


The following men comprise the officers and roster: Brother C. L. Blake, President; Brother
Thomas Watkins, Vice-President; Brother James H. Holmes, Recording Secretary; Brother George F.
Woodson, Financial Secretary; Brother Israel P. Stanback, Treasurer; Brother John N. Ladson, Chaplain;
and Brother W. F. Hammond, Editor to the Sphinx.

The charter members of Beta Nu Lambda were:

BNL’s Chartering Members:

  • Mr. Floyd J. Anderson, Jr.

  • Mr. Clinton L. Blake

  • Mr. Henry Sherwood Blue

  • Mr. William Campfield

  • Bro. David E. Carroll

  • Mr. W. Frank Hammond

  • Mr. James H. Holmes

  • Mr. Ernest L. James

  • Mr. John N. Ladson

  • Dr. Wyatt R. Laney

  • Mr. Louis E. Levi

  • Mr. A.C. Platt

  • Dr. Eugene S. Potts

  • Mr. Israel P. Stanback

  • Dr. Thomas H. Watkins

  • Dr. Albert J. Williams

  • Mr. George Frederick Woodson

These men began a legacy of service that we aspire to maintain in our daily dealings with the community.


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